We help – charity auctions


Flowers serve as messengers of joy.

Joy, on the other hand, is multiplied when it is shared.
Thanks to the floral shows organised, a great number of beautiful flower decorations and bouquets will be created during Europa Cup 2022. However, the beauty of flowers is fleeting and we would like to make the most of them, where there is never enough joy and the needs are great and regularly increasing.

Hence the idea that the flowers used during Europa Cup 2022 should support the Śląskie Hospicjum Świetlikowo Foundation in Tychy, which since 2009 has been providing specialised, free-of-charge care for the most needy – terminally ill children. https://www.shd.org.pl/ We believe that the money raised from the sale – auction of works created during our event will bring a little light into their lives full of darkness and suffering. The foundation provides support to children’s homes, operates day care, and recently commissioned a rehabilitation room, but the needs are still many. This year, the foundation hopes to launch the TuSieTuli Intervention Preadoption Centre, but there are still many people who need help.

On the third day of the European Florist Championship (Sunday), the attractions are aimed at florists, but above all for amateurs of floristry not professionally associated with it, we invite you to participate in an auction of floral works.

Portraits of famous florists by Marcin Chruściel will also be on sale. A series of several dozen images of various personalities known in the world of floristics is a treat for fans, collectors and the models themselves, who will see the effect of working with the photographer for the first time during our photo exhibition in Katowice.

We are counting on your understanding of the needs and the idea of helping those most disadvantaged by fate, as well as on your numerous and generous participation in the auction, as all proceeds will go to the foundation’s account.

Our dream is that every visitor to the exhibition will return from it with flowers in hand and love in their hearts. What do you think, is this possible?